Shimmer Makeup

Shimmer makeup has hot demand in fashion, entertainment and advertisement industry. Shimmer i.e. shine with a soft, slightly wavering light is an important aspect while applying stylish and flamboyant makeup. Shimmer makeup enhances the beauty of your eyelashes and cheeks. Sometimes, a specific shimmer makeup is applied on the whole face as to give a unique look to the person. Wearing such makeup can be tricky and pulling it off will offer you a super glam look. There is the very thin line between gorgeous and ghastly and shimmer enhances the chances of latter one higher. But, this could only be achieved when you are with right beauty service.

Priyanka Makeovers is a reputed and recognized beauty service in Noida, Ghaziabad, Indirapuram, Vaishali, and Indirapuram and offers a complete package for shimmer makeup. Our trained beauticians have donned numerous makeovers to pull out their elegant beauty and prepare their perfect look for the occasion.

Our Service Package

Pick one place at a time- We pick one place of your face at a time. In this way, we continue the process.

Less is More

A Right combination of the makeover is necessary. We don’t overload your face with shimmer makeup as less is more.

Applying metallic shadows

If you want to use metallic shadows in spite of shimmer, then gold, silver and bronze colors are available with us.

Using chic cheek shimmers

When we use this, we especially take care of your skin tone. We apply finely milled loose shimmer on your cheekbones.

Brushing it up

Shimmers leave their shine when blended really well on the skin and we do take care of such aspects.

Eye Enhancing Makeup

Nothing could enhance the attraction of your eye better than shimmers!! Our application will make your eyes adorable and lovely.

Shimmers for body use

Shimmers can be applied on your body rather than your face. We offer such beauty makeup in an elegant way.

Our brand Products

Shimmers like cosmetic may be injurious to the health of your skin. This is why we take care of cosmetic products and use only branded ones.