Reception Makeup

A bride doesn't have to move for makeup advice on her wedding ceremony. There is an overload of suggestions from relatives and the media. But, it’s you who has to choose the best one and which works for you. You know your skin type and so you can discuss it with a makeup artist. Reception is an integral part of a wedding ceremony, but this is also the time to have fun and enjoyment at the root level. So, you must take a reception makeup which not only beautifies you but also is light to carry. You must be ensured that your makeup is going with the reception dress and giving a desirable chance to dance on the floor as well. You shouldn’t feel burdened with extra makeup efforts on your precious day.

Reception makeup is an eventful practice and that should keep you glowing till reception ends. For this novel aspiration, Priyanka Makeover is always ready to deliver a wishful job. Our services available in Noida, Greater Noida, Vaishali, Indirapuram, and, Ghaziabad tender to adorn the newlywed bride. During the reception, all eyes look for the bride and her beauty and if you want accolades for your bride, give us a call.

We know your love for your face and skin and that should not be ruptured in any case. We do follow the practices of enhancing the beauty of bride rather damaging it by using unofficial cosmetics and beauty products. We use a range of branded products for performing different makeup activities. Skin-friendly products ensure successful makeup and also giving confidence to both parties for the availability of righteous makeup service. You can find a range of makeup services with up and pick a desirable one from our brochure.

You can reach us at our beauty clinic or call us at your place. An advance planning would be appreciable as your allotment will be scheduled and we will be able to prepare in a magnificent way. We always wish to see you adorable and fabulous at your reception evening. Get yourself adorned with us and become the show-stopper of the event.